Coordisnator’s review

From October 2022 to March 2023 the major focus of the project was on developing relationships between the Project Coordinator and the Project Partners, deciding on a clear vision for the project, agreeing priorities and establishing the processes for making funding decisions. All these goals have been achieved and we now need to move forward on funding projects and realising the ambitions articulated in the project application.



Our framework is built on inclusivity and diversity with roots in socially engaged practice & community development principles. We will build on existing cultural strengths associated with the islands and to create brilliant arts experiences for local communities


Among our major priorities are to consider those often excluded from arts participation, to overcome any barriers to inclusion and to create opportunities to take part in both the making and enjoyment of arts activities.

Creative Places West Cork Islands


The strengthening of local contemporary & traditional arts practices is key to our aims and the future sustainability of our islands is central to this project. We aim to strengthen inter-island participation and relationships between the Islands and our coastal neighbours.